The Fate of 5(or 6...ish)

session zero player discussion

player buy in

Social contract 

0:Wheaton's law don't be a dick 

1  do not steal from PCS 

2. Do not kill other PCS 

3. All other disagreements will be handled as adults remembering that your characters are comrades-in-arms  and trust each other with their lives  

4. The exception is if moral disagreement occurs and one action is clearly evil then majority rules is not a valid decider if it goes against the theme of a heroic campaign 

5.  Rape doesn't happen ever (Cosmic Forbiddance)

6.  Other vile things: the DM will give you multiple chances to resist execution, capture, slavery, torture,  ECT.  It has been determined that the dungeon master is more squeamish and so no one is really too concerned about the level of darkness in the game. 

7. if Sex and Romance happen it is up to the player to determine whether they want story consequences although they cannot dictate what the consequences are. 

8. Sexual encounters that have no story point will be laughed about and we move on. 

9. The Stage name for a  Coin Lass is Roxanne and Every Turn Coin answers to Lance.  A highcoin lass or laughing-lad may hold to this tradition as well.   



Crippledone Crippledone

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