The Fate of 5(or 6...ish)

Session zero

GM lead off

  •  This campaign is going to be different from other campaigns. 

    • You will need characters with strong backstory 

      • Please Focus your character creation and party build efforts there 
      • The life path generator is not necessary but very strongly encouraged 
      • Especially life events 

        • Please role in additional life event  and on the adventure table for level 1 and 2 
    • Global events will happen at particular levels or tiers of  play 

      • Otherwise, antagonist (villainous or not )will be proactively engaging in the world not, triggering events and then reacting to the party  as in "standard" Adventure design 
      • The bigger and Bolder these plans get the greater the distance and the more resources will have to be invested to stop them  
    • NPCs are designed with NPC reaction matrices  (because I'm a Communications nerd, Dungeon Master's Guild exist, and someone made one )

      • This means among other things my NPCs have biases and preferences 

        • They may judge you based on your race and profession 
        • Strong silent types are strongly discouraged 
        • For example, they may refuse to talk to a dwarf or only talk to the dwarf 

          • Even if it's not cut-and-dry  you may enjoy or suffer advantage or disadvantage based on their perception of you or previous encounters 
    • In the other email, I gave you a list of things you should have

      • At least one character should have access to survival 

      • At least one character should have some form of expertise, power or Magic to make encounters with Undead easier

      • At least one character should have access to water vehicles toolkit

      • Consider how your party would survive in the Underdark  as a whole 

    • Base building will be necessary

      • In one or more of the villages You may wish to have at least a house 
      • In the Wilds, you may need to build basic survival shelters or advanced survival shelters 
      • You may find it convenient to purchase or commission a ship 

        • Renting a ship and crew or paying for Passage to major ports is also potentially viable 
      • Mounts may advance if they continually survive and travel with party 
      • You can also have pets but neither of these things will be as good as the Ranger's animal companion  


Crippledone Crippledone

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