The Fate of 5(or 6...ish)

Current Clack: 10 Hammer

10th Hammer "Deepwinter" 1372DR "Year of Wild Magic"

These are rumors you would have heard in the area of trade way run or way to the area

The Five Villages

the main villages of the area

Ruby Bend

  • The people of Ruby Bend don’t want to stand down their Armed Forces because they fear United hobgoblins from the southeast.
  • The Crimson commandant of Ruby Bend has retained the services of Barbarian Warlords in order to subjugate the entire Valley
  • Percival the 8th has no interest in being the ruler of Ruby Bend
  • A fancy dagger with Ruby encrusted jewels was found in the back of Bara the Archdruid
  • Richard Percival the Ruby Regent and Crimson commandant has ordered that 3 jousting tournaments be held in Ruby Bend every year

Misty Bend

  • Be careful in Misty Bend it is secretly under the control of elves from the nearby Misty Forest. Human prisoners and children that don’t have elf-like traits are given to the elves. Some say they Feast on their blood and that’s why elf can stay young forever.
  • if you are half-elf you may find your coin spends better in Misty Bend
  • Misty bend ought to be renamed moist bend! Lots of cellars flooding and the streets are practically mud!

Percival’s Vigil

  • The new Lord of Percival’s vigil Stanislov of Irkra is a fraud. Why else would he build such a large Temple to Siamorphe? It’s no wonder he showed up with patents of nobility signed by her Church
  • Percival’s vigil is a haunted town but what do you expect the new Lord’s a vampire
  • Yeah he’s not fooling anyone building a temple to the sun god! The nerve! like we don’t know his wife is a powerful wizard! Probably not powerful enough to resist his charms though, dragging the poor thing out every time there’s a sunny day! Nerve of that man wasting all of her magic so he doesn’t combust in the Sun
  • His wife Soanna is the daughter of Percival the 7th I bet you you would get a great reward if you rescued her from the vampire.
  • If you ask me his illness is due to not being acclimated to the weather here.
  • There’s some that say he built a hospital dedicated to ilmater and selune not to help him with mundane illnesses but to cure lycanthropy.
  • What if he’s a werewolf or worse a wereraven? Yeah, that’s it! The lady’s story about meeting him in Raven’s Bluff was a code! A cry for help! Someone should rescue her from the wereraven
  • Why is he building gargoyles? And stone arches with troughs on top? I heard dwarves and gnomes build them they’re called aqueducts. It must be some very old magic indeed. He’s probably using the Gargoyles to spy
  • He says he wants to build sewers to protect us from disease but I bet you he’s building secret tunnels to perform dark rituals
  • That fool Stanislov can’t control his population he’s had to resort to hiring Kobolds to build his sewers and borrowing troops from his brother-in-law in Ruby Bend to keep order!
  • Percival’s vigil is under assault it’s being taken over by kobolds.
  • The village of Percival’s Vigil has more free-standing temples than most cities I’ve seen. One of them is really old a Temple to Chauntea. It’s beautiful! I’ve also heard that it’s Enchanted to protect the grain stored there from vermin
  • The lady of Percival’s vigil has invited the Quick Kill monster hunter Guild to the village. The Quick Kill Guild has active bounties for Gorgons and ogres Ask for Luna. You can’t miss her she’s the one with the large. ..Ahem repository of lore
  • They say the lady summoned Gorgons, ogres, and goblins as punishment for all the rumors about her husband. Lady Soanna is also taking the blame for everything claiming she is the vampire her husband is a werewolf and the kobolds are tunneling into every house so that she and her husband can eat the children.

Caravan Corners

  • Caravan Corners is the place to go if you want to deal
  • Rumor Has It Percival the 8th set up shop there. he wants to be a merchant instead of a lord
  • Dwarves and halflings and even gnomes can be found here but the dwarves and halflings are gone by the first snowfall.
  • Orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins, live outside of the town. The strange thing is the Hobgoblin centurion keeps the peace among the Savage Folk. He seems to be interested in trade and seems fairly civilized for a monster
  • I heard Sir Gladcoin has some secret deal with him.
  • Even kobolds are welcome here they built a wonderful sewer.
  • If the great houses don’t stop fighting in the streets there will be Anarchy before Midsummer mark my words. Caravan Corners will be so thick with blood that the wagons won’t be able to roll!
  • There’s a strange Cafe, Deepnight Delight, prices are high and the food is modest at best still almost every Caravan Keeper I know keeps going back.
  • There’s a strange group of people south of the town that calls themselves the Sons of the Dragon. Seems like religious wackos to me still they seem welcome enough and Caravan Corners
  • The Caravan Keepers are still in full muster from the orc horde. The city council will not stand them down until the warmongers of Ruby Bend stand down first.


  • Those poor people on Olumbor being besieged by Merrow like that!
  • It has nothing to do with monsters the sea is rough this winter and they’re not as good as Sailors as they thought! The bigger problem is Pirates. If you thought quick kill paid well just wait until you see what the sea-lords are offering for privateers and pirate Hunters!
  • But Captain Gnash of the Much Kill is the worst of ‘em! I thought bugbears were bad enough on land!

Trollbark Colonies
h3. Raven’s Lake

  • The lake at ravens lake is entirely artificial. Built by gnomes I hear
  • Children keep disappearing from raven’s Lake. If you wander outside the walls you get eaten by trolls don’t they know that?


  • South Watch reports a migration of trolls down from the Hills. In other news water is wet!
  • The forest troll Queen marches to take the forest once and for all
    h3. Troll Orchard
  • Blue guts plague seems to have infected the people of troll Orchard they should know better than to eat the troll
  • The knights of Troll Orchard have not been seen since the colony doors were shut in quarantine.
  • People have been trying to invoke a nature Spirit called the Guide to save them from the disease


  • The Troll Wardens of Northwatch are being murdered or dying under mysterious circumstances they blame the people of Sword Harbor, who in turn claimed it is the red-handed thieves Guild
  • An underground Lake has been discovered and on an island in the center is some sort of Dwarven ruin the entrance to this Cavern was found in the cellar of the Temple of five

Olumbor Colony of Sword Harbor

  • Winter Tides have flooded 80% of Sword Harbor some say the flooding is unnatural and that dark creature now haunts the Waters of the former streets.
  • Plague has struck the survivors of Sword Harbor? The Otiki claim innocence but history isn’t kind to the Ratfolk


Crippledone Crippledone

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